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About the Campbell Express

Originally published as the Cambrian News, the Campbell Express has been exclusively covering community news and opinion in Campbell and Cambrian neighborhoods for over sixty years. Our purpose is to help our readers keep in touch with their community and we do that through coverage of local news through weekly columns written by Campbell residents who know what’s going on from a first person perspective.

The Campbell Express enjoys special status as one of the handful of Bay Area newspapers adjudicated to publish public legal notices. Please see our Advertising Rates page for more information on publishing Legal Ads such as Summons, Name Changes, Fictitious Business Name (FBN) filings, Probate Filings, Bulk Sales, and Lien Sales. We also publish various advertisements in our paper, including inserts.

Weekly home delivery of the Campbell Express is only $20/year. Subscription forms can be downloaded from our subscriptions page.

CAMPBELL EXPRESS Cambrian News Published weekly.

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